6 reasons why Intermittent Fasting is not working for you


Mainly, intermittent fasting is when an individual, trying to shed weight, cycles between intervals of fasting and consuming. It’s extra in regards to the ‘when’, moderately than the ‘what’ side of a food plan. Which means intermittent fasting limits one’s meals consumption to a shortened time window, which aids in decreasing the consumption of extra energy.

The most well-liked strategies of intermittent fasting are:

The 16:8 technique – This includes proscribing your consuming to an eight hours window, whereby you quick for 16 hours.

Eat-Cease-Eat – This technique calls for fasting for twenty-four hours and ought to be performed a few times per week.

The 5:2 food plan – This food plan programme permits an individual to eat solely 500–600 energy on two nonconsecutive days of the week, whereas they will eat usually on different remaining days.

Whereas there are numerous Intermittent fasting strategies you may resort to, there are errors chances are you’ll commit that will hinder your weight reduction course of.