7 Tips for Dental Health as You Age


4. Difficulty: The return of cavities

The reply: Add extra fluoride

Even when you survived the “cavity-prone years” of yore, you might immediately be discovering your self again beneath the drill. Practically 1 in 5 adults 65 or older have untreated tooth decay, because of points like dry mouth and receding gums. The reply? Fluoride, an ingredient that is constantly been proven to guard in opposition to tooth decay. “Fluoride is a helpful instrument, not solely with kids however older adults, too,” Calabrese says. Together with a fluoride toothpaste, he may also advocate a fluoride rinse, out there at your drugstore, or a high-concentration prescription fluoride paste, rinse or varnish, utilized as directed by your dentist, for extra endurance.

5. Difficulty: A brand new ‘candy tooth’

The reply: Plan your treats

We start to lose a few of our 10,000 style buds after age 50, which can ultimately lead us to crave extra intense flavors akin to sweets. If you wish to “assist” your grandkids with their Halloween haul, restrict your indulgence to at least one deal with per day. The extra instances a day you expose tooth to sugar, the extra alternatives for a micro organism feeding frenzy, advises dentist Judith Jones, spokesperson for the American Dental Affiliation.