Health Tips Tuesday: Diabetes Awareness Month | News


November is diabetes consciousness month and Western Mass Information spoke with Dr. Chelsea Gordner, the Director of Inpatient Diabetes Service at Baystate Well being. (Phase sponsored by Baystate Well being and Shields Well being Care Group)

SPRINGFIELD, MA (WGGB/WSHM) – November is diabetes consciousness month and Western Mass Information spoke with Dr. Chelsea Gordner, the Director of Inpatient Diabetes Service at Baystate Well being.  

Are you able to inform us about diabetes and the distinction between sort 1 and sort 2?

Sort One diabetes we consider as an autoimmune illness the place your physique not makes insulin. It is an autoimmune situation. 

Sort two diabetes is the place your physique makes loads of insulin, however you do not reply to the insulin. It extra frequent.  

We see sort one diabetes extra frequent in youngsters, but additionally in adults. Sort II is extra frequent in adults. 

What are the danger elements of growing diabetes?  

Sort II, the danger elements are age, having a member of the family with diabetes, ethnicity, and being obese. 

What can folks do to decrease their danger of growing diabetes? 

Maintaining a healthy diet, staying lively. Watching weight and monitoring along with your physician.