How To Increase Your Health Literacy, From A Medical Researcher


We use two totally different sorts of thought processes when making choices: System 1 and System 2, as Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahneman defines them. System 1 is quick and easy, primarily based mostly on emotion and indicators. It’s simple—virtually too simple. System 1 helps us proceed with life with out giving it an excessive amount of thought: a helpful factor if you’re selecting a sandwich, however loads much less helpful when you’re making an attempt to evaluate the way to care on your well being.

System 1 is compelling, however it will also be deceptive. At any time when I’m on TV, for instance, I discover the interviewer’s tone and facial expressions. Generally they radiate panic, which is nice for making headlines, however drowns out the knowledge I’m making an attempt to convey. Viewers should be selecting up on this System 1 cue, and freak out, no matter what I am saying.

In these instances, you’ll want to depend on System 2: the deliberate, effortful, and slower mind-set, based mostly on calculations, information, info, and figures.